Leap Time

Over the course of time, some things change, while others remain the same. As we approach the beginning of another new year, we look back at years that have come and gone and what made each memorable. We invite you to leap through memories of years past as you prepare to make new memories in 2016.

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This is the hard-working, persevering generation with attitude that birthed the American Dream as the color barrier was broken on the ball diamond. With big bands in full swing, the decade gave birth to pin-up girls and the greatest war ever seen. Even our country’s celebrities who entertained us on the big screen were called upon to defend freedom overseas.

All you rebels without a cause, fire up your hot rod and get ready to roll. This decade saw fast cars, televisions lighting up every home, and a whole lotta rockin’ n’ rollin’ which encouraged rebellion as suburbia began to sprawl. And as television infiltrated homes, our industry—advertising—began to matter (lucky for us).

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. We’re all free spirits, blowin’ in the wind, experiencing the never-ending Summer of Love. Protests, long hair and music festivals—this decade was all about freedom for all during a time of ultimate cultural upheaval. Things would never be the same as the youth culture was born by swinging in London and dropping out in the Haight.

Nothing quite tops the disco era where chest hair was worshipped, pants were flared and Studio 54 raged all night. You’re a hustler with a serious case of Saturday Night Fever. But music was changing daily, with the birth of heavy metal, just as fast as the political landscape. This decade also saw the birth of blockbusting muscle cars and films like Jaws and Star Wars.

You’ve got either Michael Jackson or Madonna blasting through your walkman at all times and a cell phone as big as a cinder block. Kids snuggle up with a Teddy Ruxpin and are lucky enough to grow up with the first video games. Miami Vice launched the decade on television while John Hughes owned the silver screen with his pioneering coming-of-age romcoms.

Welcome to an era when everything smelled like teen spirit, business was boomin’, people actually read TV Guide, you were considered uncool if you couldn’t see the hidden unicorn in a Magic Eye book, we couldn’t keep our eyes off the white Bronco and the biggest movie of the decade was still the biggest movie even though we all knew the boat was going to sink.

This one may have been, like, literally the best decade ever. Especially when you consider we all survived when everything was reset to zeros. The Aughts, as they’re so underwhelmingly referred to as, had us all obsessing over downloading music, marvelling at the birth of reality television and—on a much more historically significant note—witnessing the election of our country’s first African-American President.

Only halfway through and we’ve seen a lot. Whistleblowing, a greater sense of connectivity through technology, a renewed interest in space exploration, internet memes, an EDM explosion and man buns. There’s plenty to look back on and even more to look forward to.

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